I would like to say thank you to all …

… …that supported me with my art projects, works and exhibitions: with patience, material and ideas, with critics and motivation.

Thank you to my employer BHS Corrugated GmbH, Mr. Christian Engel and Mr. Lars Engel for their trust in my artistic skills for the design of the staircase in the new office building LCB in Weiherhammer!

Thank you to my family, all friends, helpers and visitors, all teens and kids, whose curious questions have also raised my own questions.

Thank you to my friend Ed, who is obviously happy to indulge in arts!

A big THANK YOU to nature as my teacher!

The biggest thank you goes to my wife, who allows me to be an artistically creative free thinker, who always motivated me to deal with corrugated board and co.
Dear Lilli, thanks for your patience and support!