What ist wood?

THE ultimate natural product! Wood has always accompanied the development of mankind from the beginning, not to say it even enabled it! It was used to make fire, provide warmth, cook etc.

Soon further possibilities of use were discovered, such as e.g. to build bridges, roads and houses, to produce furniture and floor coverings as well as modern composites, and also wood shavings are completely used industrially by being pressed into heating pellets.

Artistic aspects

Wood means warmth to us, coziness. Its grain, its colors and surfaces, its special depth effect fascinate craftsmen, carpenters, artists and beholders. It can be artistically used in all forms. Processed or raw, it always shows its natural beauty. “With wood, nature comes close to our homes.”

In my works I have processed interesting pieces of bark, tree discs, wooden balls and driftwood. I have found these elements during my travels and hikes. In the meantime, I also receive them as gifts. It is coincidence that inspires me.

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