In a 4-part church picture, I’m introducing the Catholic Church.

Reformation R. C.

In the first 3 pictures, people are experiencing the old conception of the world of the Catholic Church.

The pictures of the 3 churches show:

K1 – Heaven and hell in an estate-based system of churchmen and nobles with power and the Church in the background.

The majority of people live in poverty and fear.

K2- People are getting access to their salvation by buying indulgences. The Church controls people and their knowledge. All this happened only 20 generations ago!

What Huss fails to do, Luther manages 100 years later with his theses for the people. Since then, there have been two different religions in one country. In addition to matters of faith, important social issues are still only half- heartedly approached by the Church. Many people turn away.

Misconduct of God’s servants exists in both Churches. Believers are flabbergasted by archbishop Wölki’s behavior. He definitely fails to live up to his name as he contributed to more dark clouds (Wolken) over the Catholic Church.

“Reformation Now” is the order of the day!

K4 – One Church instead of two, and the greatness of the Church can only arise from the cooperation of Catholic and Protestant servants of God and people’s servants! An opportunity for a united Church for all Christians.

A heart for families and optional celibacy will encourage more to take the cloth.

Compensation is required for the misconduct of the Church.

The focus of state and Church needs to be on the families.

Women are eventually granted equal rights in Church.

Faith is strengthened through human development in the family, not through dogma.

What is needed is a sustainable cooperation of the world religions in faith, solidarity, humanity, and philanthropy against the backdrop of a fragile future.

The author’s opinion