Overview of my work during the Corona Pandemic periods from 2020 to 2022.

Action in the hair studio in the City of Amberg

My corrugated cardboard art gets space and people. Teamwork in the positioning with the boss, Simone Sellner.

Action in the new service office of BHS- Corrugated in France

Service and spare parts for corrugated board systems and machines around the clock.

My corrugated cardboard art comes to space and people. Picture with my peace wheel (hand- rotating). Each rotor blade is a euro country, made in 2016. Putin annexes Crimea!  Since the great wars, 71 years ago we got only the Balkan conflict. Now the war begins in Ukraine in 2022 and PUTIN has not turned the wheel.

History: Alsace, also was a bone of contention in the great wars. In front of the peace wheel stands the Alsatian service manager Frederic Meier with the artist.

Action in a tax office in the City of Weiden.

Decorating the meeting rooms with corrugated cardboard.