The artist welcomes you to the vernissage on May 10, 2019 in the LCB after the entrance trellis made of paper trees with your hosts Lars and Christian Engel. Friends and invited guests are looking forward to the cardboard exhibition with Helga and Edmund Bradatsch.

Let’s have a look at the moving art in the atrium. Here, the “airy corrugated board“ has filled the room with art. The guests know mobiles, but probably they haven’t known a Möbius belt up to this vernissage. Those bodies are picture, sculpture and thermal flying object at the same time.

Our topic: Cardboard, Cardboard packaging and Collisions

In this 2nd exhibition concerning airy corrugated board, the focus of the pictures is on cardboard. Pictures with multiple cardboard paper enhance the 3D effect. Even the simple Kraftliner brown achieves an effect.

Cardboard can be anything from a folding screen to a frame up to the picture itself. Our next pictures show asymmetric bodies on geometric corrugated board, as well as spatial 3D constructions.

Damaged corrugated board or paper allows unimagined results. The damages were caused by transport or by operational and process failures.

The following overview shows the spatial exhibition oft he pictures in the Life Cycle Building:

Collages show statements regarding current topics in pictures. Finally I mention a collage which I burn for:

„World Theater“ … for me, it is a memorial concerning:

  • the climate change on our earth and
  • the blatant inactivity of the governments worldwide regarding scientifically proven climate change.

Since 1992, originators, affected and emerging countries have been meeting at a world climate summit to defuse this time bomb.

Our actual pole position 2017 „The iceberg is melting”

The same wavelength of all human beings is needed to save our planet!