In 2016 I received the request from my employer BHS Corrugated GmbH to design the atrium of the large five-story staircase with an installation made of floating corrugated cardboard objects.

“Möbius tapes” from Cortonage papers

I immediately agreed that it was my biggest order in my artistic career. The airspace of the stairwell in the new LCB administration building is ideal for showing visitors the company’s business areas and philosophy. Designing with a mobile offered itself.

In search of suitable geometric figures, I came across the so-called “Möbiusband”. Everyone knows a mobile, a Möbius band rather less. The inventor, August Ferdinant Möbius, used it in drive technology. It was used to transmit forces, and that as early as the 19th century!

For me it is used for the first time as a floating body. I carried out experiments until the Möbius bodies rotated in the thermals of the atrium: “The air causes the body to rotate.” This required a balanced length and width ratio. The rotation of the body changes the view of the Möbius band and exposes the digital motif on the curved surface for the viewer. If you follow the complete rotation, you come back to the starting point of the motif, a cycle is accomplished!

Here are the most important data about a Möbius belt:

* Total distance 5.60 m * material paper 1300 gr / qm * surface approx. 4 qm * weight 3 kg.
The mobile consists of 24 Möbius bodies, each with 4 brackets made of VA material on 2 rope strands. They are “philharmonic” 3-point mounts. The artwork symbolically depicts the life cycle of BHS Corrugated with its global customers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Christian and Lars Engel again for their trust in my work!