From my ex-company boss Edmund Bradatsch, I got the offer to design a living room with art made of corrugated cardboard. The spacious dimensions of the library, around 8.00 meters high, were ideal for a mobile …

A mobile from historical buildings

This task challenged me artistically, especially since I had the opportunity to implement real three-dimensionality. In the search for suitable objects, we decided to focus on the most famous historical buildings in Munich.

Several walks through the famous old town brought us rich results: the New and the Old Town Hall, the Frauenkirche, the Theatine Church, the Old Peter, the Isartor, and finally also the Viktualienmarkt, they all became my role models for the mobile bodies. First I made version 1.0 of each building and installed the Mobile 1.0 to explore the overall symmetry and harmony. I chose a scale that allowed me to display all the details of the buildings as accurately as possible.

Then I gradually converted the historical models into corrugated cardboard. When I was able to hand over the finished mobile as a gift, the joy was huge for us. Due to the air circulation, the mobile is constantly on the move. The lighting illuminates the contours of the historic buildings on the surrounding walls. The whole room is in motion. The mobile becomes moving art.

In retrospect, it was actually a demanding, meticulous job that required a lot of sensitivity. Today I benefit if I apply this know-how to other mobile devices. Thanks Ed!